Say Goodbye to Your Rodent Problem

Ask about the rodent exclusion services we offer in Beaufort & Bluffton, SC

Are rodents making themselves at home in your house? Get in touch with the crew at JS Thompson Services, LLC today. You can depend on us to perform safe rodent control at your Beaufort & Bluffton, SC home. We'll rid your property of rodents and clean up any mess the pests leave behind.

The rodent control experts at JS Thompson Services are equipped to handle rats, mice and bats. Call or Text 843-263-5027 now to request a free rodent exclusion estimate in Beaufort & Bluffton, SC.

Rodent Exclusion

3 benefits of hiring JS Thompson Services for rodent control

Rodents might be small, but they can cause big problems for homeowners. JS Thompson Services should be your first choice for rodent exclusion in Beaufort & Bluffton, SC. When you hire us, you'll get:

  1. An in-depth inspection to locate all rodent entry points in your house
  2. A free estimate tailored to fit your rodent control needs
  3. Access to a one-year renewable guarantee for extra rodent protection

This service includes the following:

  • Consultations
  • Green services
  • Pest exclusions
  • Preventative treatments, monitoring, and removal
  • Mole Control and prevention

  • You can also trust us to take preventive measures to keep rodents out of your home. Contact us today for more details about rodent control in Beaufort & Bluffton, SC.